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In many cases in the recent past it has not been so much the winner of American Idol who has gone on to experience the most success following the shofilm-1155439_960_720w. Yes, there have been some winners who have made and continue to make a name for themselves, but you will also need to look beyond the winners and see how some of the other contestants have gone on to become superstars in their own right. It may not be overnight, or you may just have a feel for it before the show even ends. However, there are so many thoughts and feelings that go into the show fro all of the contestants, that you can get a vibe of who is going to be the winner, and who is going to be the real star of the show. So, look at who is there and then decide on the Idol and then look for the superstar.

Idol Tracking

When you are in the game of trying to determine the next winner of American Idol you will want to do as much research as you can so you will be able to make a good determination of who it is that is going to win this year. One thing you will want to look at is how the judges are reacting and analyzing the contestants from year to year. See what aspects of the performance they are paying the most attention to and what it is that they are finding to be the most needing of work.

See where it is they are looking to assess for the season and see which of the contestants seem to be able to best fulfill the needs of the judges as well as those of the voting fans every week. Look and follow to have the best chance to make the right choice.

Idol Watch

Think about all of the past Idol winners and try to draw a conclusion or some type of common thread that is shared between all of them and you will not really be able to come up with anything that is truly solid in reference to all of the past winners. The question you will need to look at then, is what is it that set them apart from all of the other contestants for that year. One way to do this is to watch the reaction and results shows to see what it is the winners did well and what it is that they did in order to separate themselves from the rest of the competition.

Pay attention to detail and see where it is that the contestants do set themselves apart from the rest so you will be able to make a good choice about who you feel will be winning the show.

Watching For Fun

One thing that many people love to do at the beginning of an American Idol season is to try to determine who will be the favorites and who it is that they feel has the best chance to become the winner. It is just like going to Las Vegas and trying to win at any of the many games that are out there for you to win and pay at. Look at who the contestants are and see which one seems to best fit the mold as the true champion of the next contest.

Try to see what the contestants have as their strong and weak points so it is easier for you to be able to see all of the different contestants and to know who is going to have the best chance to win. Use the past shows and see where it is that you are going to get the next idol from.