The Modern Day Blockbuster Movies

What constitutes a movie being a ‘blockbuster’ in this modern day, where new films are produced at an alarming rate? A modern day blockbuster movie can be defined as being one of great success, and usually accompanied by a very large product budget and cast.

Although the volume of movies being released now is higher than ever, there may only be as few as 1 or 2 genuine blockbuster movies released a year now. This is largely due to the massive amounts of money required to make a movie like this.

An example of this in 2016 would be Captain America: Civil War, which reportedly cost $250 million to make. Obviously laying out this much for a movie is a big gamble for any studio to undertake, which is why they don’t take that gamble too often. But when they get it right, the ROI can be enormous.

Spin off merchandise

Another benefit of creative such a big production is that the studios can also make huge amounts via merchandise sales. If you look at movies such as Jurassic Park for instance, there was, and still is a massive range of merchandise that uses the brands’ name to sell it.


Whether it is a t-shirt, a game, a dinosaur replica, or even a casino slot game found in some of the biggest online casinos like Zodiac Casino, you will see the brand all over the place, and all of this equates to additional revenue for the owners of the brand.

Everyone loves a blockbuster

Now with things like DVDs, Blueray and even streaming services like Netflix being so cheap to use, a trip to the cinema may not be a frequent event for many people as it used to be. But when a new blockbuster movie is released, it is hard not to get caught up in the inevitable pre-release hype that surrounds them, and a resulting trip to the cinema to see the movie on its release is much more likely.

It is always nice to go and see a new blockbuster movie as soon as they are released, so you can make your own opinion and join in with the ongoing conversations as to whether they deserve their blockbuster title or not. One thing is for sure, is that you will continue to see new blockbuster being released each and every year, as the money they can produce is vast.